Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SUNY Wellness Challenge?

Starting in 2010 each Spring semester Cayuga Community College ran something called the Cayuga Fitness Challenge. It was a successful and friendly 8-week competition that promoted healthy living, fitness and building workplace camaraderie. It was a great success and in 2013 Cayuga expanded it to other SUNY schools. A pilot program was started with two additional schools – SUNY Cortland and Onondaga Community College. In our fifth year we have invited two more additional colleges to join us – SUNY Adirondack and Broome Community College.

In the spirit of Chancellor Zimpher's Power of SUNY initiatives in creating a "healthier New York" – one of her six big ideas – Cayuga changed the name of their Challenge from Cayuga Fitness Challenge to the SUNY Wellness Challenge. There are plans to greatly promote and expand the Challenge to all SUNY colleges in the coming years.

You can read more about the SUNY Wellness Challenge here.

What is the Team Captain's responsibility?

It is the Team Captain's responsibility to collect each team members Activity Sheet each week (if required) and record the results online. They also need to get everyone ready and excited to participate! If so desired, the Team Captain can also delegate each team member to enter in their own statistics if they wish.

How much does the Challenge cost?

The cost to participate varies for each College. In most cases it will range from $5 to $10, but ask your Wellness Challenge representative for full details.

How does the Challenge work?

For full details on how the SUNY Wellness Challenge works, please see our HOW IT WORKS pages of our website.

How many winners are there?

By keeping track of each player's points, they are recorded and added to their teammates points. Each team will complete only against those in their school's League Division. Your team will only complete against no more than five other teams. After the 8 week competition the Division winners move on to the final round. Depending on how your campus runs their Challenge, there may be an option for a Final Wellness Challenge Day with only one team will be crowned overall winner for each SUNY School.

The following will be recognized:

  • League Division Winners from each school
  • Overall Fitness Challenge Team Winner from each school
  • The Team with the most points from each school
  • The Individual with the most points from each school
  • The Individual who loses the most % of body weight from each school
  • The Individual with most total steps from each school

How can my SUNY school join next year's Challenge?

If you think your SUNY school would like to participate in the next Challenge please fill out the this form.

How do I start or join a team?

It couldn't be easier – choose one of these options:
Create a new team: Create a New Team
Join an existing team: Join an Existing Team